Our special arrangements and account facilities with local car services offer a practical solution to emergency shabbos travel.

Patient Transport Service

Patient Ambulance

We believe in transporting patients with care and dignity. Attending appointments or social events with limited mobility can cause tremendous stress and pain to individuals and their care givers. Our ambulances have been designed and fitted to transport anyone requiring specialist care.

Our Accessible Transportation Service:

Vehicles are available to be driven by carers. Drivers must be over 21 years of age and carry a clean, valid licence. We will require a copy of the license and a signed agreement of our terms and conditions as outlined in our booking form. Should you require transport and have no driver available, Ezra Umarpeh can arrange a volunteer driver.

To book a car journey simply call: London 020 8211 7999 or submit our online booking form by clicking the button below.

Shabbos Car Service

Shabbos Car Service arrangements are for anyone urgently requiring transportation to or from hospital on Shabbos or Yom Tov.

Quote ‘Ezra Umarpeh’ and you will not need to make payment on Shabbos. Additionally, you can expect drivers to have some cultural awareness and to assist you with carrying items.

Please call: 020 3318 5888

When calling, remember to state clearly:

  • ‘Ezra Umarpeh’
  • Your name
  • Your contact number
  • Which entrance you will be waiting at
    Drivers can not collect from beyond hospital entrances

Please call your local EU branch after shabbos to make payment for any journeys you have made on our account.

Download Ezra Umarpeh Shabbos Cars Halachic Guidelines

Shabbos Car Service

In the event you may need to use a taxi service on Shabbos call:

North London: 020 3318 5888