Ezra Umarpeh’s mission is to provide patient support services for those challenged by illness and disability, whether at home or in hospital. Our aim is to offer transitional care, with a focus on crisis support. The Charity provides culturally appropriate services aimed particularly at, but not exclusively to, members of the Jewish community.

Founded in 1996, Ezra Umarpeh has been at the forefront of patient care, steadfast in its mission to ease the effects of illness and disability.

We provide a range of targeted support services for patients and their families with a particular emphasis on enhancing the hospital experience and reducing in-patient stays. These include the free loan of medical equipment, Respite rooms in hospitals across England and patient transportation services. Ezra Umarpeh is committed to: Respect, Efficiency, Responsibility, Sensitivity and Confidentiality. It is these values that underpin our work.

Danny G, Enfield, London

“Suffering a stroke at 18 affected me not only physically but emotionally too.

I felt I couldn’t trust my body and was scared to go anywhere alone until I discovered Ezra Umarpeh accessible transportation services. Their volunteer took me places and encouraged me to see friends, attend my physio appointments and assume a weekly routine. It was certainly the start of my recovery process. Thank you!”

Danny G, Enfield, London


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Ezra Umarpeh have now teamed up with Amazon Smile so you can support your favourite charity just by going about your regular Amazon shopping.

Volunteer Dinner 2016

For the first time since its establishment, Ezra U’Marpeh hosted a dinner honouring its volunteers and their spouses, in recognition of their devotion throughout the years.

Gala 20th Anniversary Dinner

On Monday 8 February 2016 we held our gala 20th anniversary dinner which celebrated the outstanding work of Ezra Umarpeh and paid tribute to the people who make it all happen.