Volunteer Dinner 2016

Volunteer Dinner 2016
By ezra-umarpeh-admin | November 27th, 2019

For the first time since its establishment, Ezra U’Marpeh hosted a dinner honouring its volunteers and their spouses, in recognition of their devotion throughout the years.

The event took place on Monday 19 September at the Norrice Lea Synagogue in Hampstead Garden Suburb and was attended by some 300 participants.
The guests were welcomed into a hall that was exquisitely adorned to the theme of Diamonds, hinting at the volunteers’ immeasurable value to the organisation.

Ezra U’Marpeh would hardly be able to function without these selfless individuals and the many hours they spare.

The programme was beautifully enhanced by musical entertainment from the renowned singer Isaac Honig of USA who performed with a choir of gifted individuals, alongside a four-person band. Gourmet catering by Reichs went a step further in providing the volunteers with a well-deserved lavish night out.