Ezra Umarpeh celebrates Shabbat UK in London hospitals

Shabbat UK
By ezra-umarpeh-admin | November 27th, 2019

In conjunction with the office of the Chief Rabbi, Ezra Umarpeh responded to a request from Shabbat UK organisers to help those in hospital celebrate Shabbat UK on Parshas Lech Lecha.

Special Shabbos ‘care packages’ were produced to ensure Jewish patients and staff would not be left out of the national Shabbos celebration that week.

Packed by dedicated volunteers, over 60 packages were distributed by the Chaplaincy departments across major London hospitals. Each box contained two candles, grape juice, a becher, two challos, a Hamodia and snacks. A home companion Shabbat guide and beautiful packaging complemented each box. The project was well received as evidenced by the very positive feedback from patients, their carers and members of staff.